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Important sites

    Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
    ...that anyone can edit. An excelent place to start your learning on the internet. There are more than one million articles on the Wikipedia and is still growing. It is true that articles vary in quality and that there are many “stub” articles. But the fun stuff is that you can edit them and add your own knowledge. I am also fascinated with the low level of article-abuse you can find on Wikipedia (maybe article-abusers avoid encyclopedias :)

    How Stuff Works
    A great site to have fun and expand your knowledge. You will also found non-technical articles there. Their articles don’t go in depth (you will never find math on the HSW) but are full of interactive multimedia and animation.

    Mad Scientist Network
    Not just another ask-a-scientist website. They already have a huge answer database, and if you still don't find an answer and ask your question they will really answer it. Only you have to be careful to make your question precise and clear.

    The most famous search engine on the net. On my humble opinion, search engines are rather the most important class of web sites because we would be totally lost without them. Fortunately Google is not alone, there are other options like Bing Search (Microsoft), Yahoo! search, Ask!, or Gigablast...