The About page

Hi, my name is Danijel. The unexpected 'j' letter in the middle of my name is actually common in the place I live - Croatia.

On this site you will find various stuff regarding engineers and engineering. This is intended for both, education and entertaining. The purpose of this page will be fulfilled if you can find at least one thing that fascinates you and/or makes you wonder.

If you want to publish an article, you can send it to me by mail. If it is any good, it is likely I will publish it. I am especially searching for civil-engineering, medicine and chemistry articles.

I am sure you already noticed that I am not a native English speaker. Sorry about that.

You can try writing at

Please, notify me if you find any obviously incorrect information on my web site. Also write if you find some agonizingly bad English in my texts, missed or incorrect links and similar stuff.

Finally, you should know that this site is free-hosted (examine the URL for more details :).

Danijel Gorupec